Olivier Clavier


Take a musical journey with a professional teacher by learning piano

or keyboard

Full lesson:              20€ per hour.

Off-line lesson:       5 €  each time

(by sending video assignments plus teacher's comments)

Practice assistance:10 € per hour.

Teaching language: English


1) Why one needs to study playing piano or keyboard:

For wonderful mind and beautiful heart


2)  Why one can have video lessons instead of going to a music school

or being with a teacher using traditional face-to-face method:

     First of all, both the teacher and the pupil could have flexible time.  

     Next, save time on the journey to any premises for the lesson. 

     Last but not least, free to ask the teacher questions anytime


3)  Why to choose OLIVIER CLAVIER:

The teacher is qualified and is patient with students.

Professional pianist, piano pedagogue.

More than 35 years of teaching (including 3 years teaching experience at music conservatory)

and 20 years of piano performance experiences in the  form of recital and chamber music.

Official teacher education certificate in Finland and living in Helsinki.

Music Education on piano performance, conducting, organ playing and composition in China, France, UK and Finland,

with postgraduate Degree: Master of Arts.  


4)  How to start the journey: 

Discuss on study plan before going to the trial lesson.

Mention about the books, scores and materials.

Try the equipment, such as video camera via Zoom or any other media, to make sure all things function well.

Arrange timetable including the first free trial lesson.

Then, the real lesson would be started after it is paid and this is for each lesson






Welcome to Olivier Clavier music studio! 


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